Thursday, 2 November 2017

Sometimes I get free things on Instagram

There's something to be said for making life easier on yourself. Sometimes in life, love, and work, we look for a circuitous route, a harder way, or a challenge. We purposely seek this option out. We choose a complicated path because we want things to be more difficult, or we think we deserve a challenge, or need to suffer a little bit in order to get what we want. 

I'm guilty of this myself; sometimes I only believe I deserve something if I've worked for it. 

Well, just like everything else, this is applicable on a much more simple, fundamental, superficial level as well. 


It's not difficult to put powder and water together in a cup, and then shake it. But imagine making it even simpler! PROMiXX is your tool! PROMiXX are the innovators of Vortex Mixing Technology™, are the world's leading brand of vortex mixing bottles - providing perfectly smooth supplement shakes at the touch of a button. Their mixers have been found to achieve superior mixing results compared to leading conventional protein shaker bottle brands. 

I'll be honest and say that I got this mixer for free, which means you could assume that I HAVE to say nice things about the company/the mixer. But truthfully, I don't. I was given these as a gift, to do whatever I wanted with, and only feel obligated to be honest. And seriously, I love it. It's an easy, convenient, all-in-one shaker (now that the newest version comes with a little twist off cap that holds a scoop of protein powder). It also comes with its own USB charger, and you can purchase a tiny micro-USB travel charging cable/cord. You never have to worry about batteries dying! The only issue I had was washing the lid, as the protein got stuck in between the cup and the plastic lining. But with everything else this mixer has going for it, spending a little extra time washing it isn't a huge deal. 

 I'm a huge fan of the PROMiXX and encourage you all to try it for yourselves!

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