Tuesday, 30 April 2013

What I've been missing...

If you compete, then you know that the key strategy to get on stage is to turn yourself into an automaton for 12, 16, 20, 32 weeks.

The women I met at the Mike Davies Fitness Bootcamp last weekend were remarkable. These competitors, both amateur and professional, LIVE this sport day in and day out, both night and day, weekends and weekdays. It was so REAL, inspiring and amazing to see their dedication up close and personally. I got the chance to pick the brains of a couple Pros, and really, I saw the difference in intensity and dedication between them and myself. I saw what I'm missing: I can diet, I can stop going out with friends at night for 12 weeks so that I get enough sleep, and I can delay date night with my boyfriend just to do cardio. The difference I found, is the sense of urgency. I have no problem pushing things off. If, during prep, I am craving ice cream, I'll have the whole pint, all the while thinking to myself "The stage will always be there. If this sets me back, it's fine, I'll just pick a later show." And I'll do that over and over again. So, while this mentality is logical, and totally fair, it doesn't get me any closer to the stage. In fact, it gets me further and further away each time it happens. Since October 2012, I have pushed back 3 shows. 3!!! One in November 2012, one in April 2013, and one in June 2013. Each time, I was left with a feeling of sadness and disappointment.

I spoke to an IFBB Fitness Pro (whom I have the utmost respect and admiration for) who told me she is taking the rest of 2013 off to improve herself for 2014! A whole year without doing a show, just to make herself better! In my opinion, this shows more dedication than actually dieting for a show. Think about it: You step away from something you LOVE for a period of time, BECAUSE you love it, and want to be your best for it. That's incredibly challenging emotionally and physically. So if she can do that for 12 months, why can't I just get my head in the game for 3...? BAH! Holy Hell! I don't have the willpower to give up Pop-Tarts for a DAY, and this women is sacrificing for a YEAR for the sport! See! That's the difference I'm talking about.  

So the million dollar question, then, becomes "How do I learn to sacrifice what I want NOW, for what I want MOST?" I guess I have just under 13 weeks to figure it out, eh? Merp.

Still have a little pooch, but a solid 4 pack
Offseason abs... err, 13 weeks out abs...?

I took measurements this morning so I'll post them along with accountability pictures before the end of the week. I really hope I don't lose any followers with the "Work in Progress" physique ;-)

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